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Line Apk 10.17.1 Download For Android Devices Free

Line Apk is a free instant messaging, Video Calling communication application that you can use on both smartphones and PC. This available for Android and iOS mobile platforms. Are you bored with the usual instant messaging apps that you are currently using? Then this is the best app you must use on your smart device. This is fresh and has lots of cool features that you never get tired of. Line Apk breaks the typical instant messaging app industry. It brings a whole new experience to the users who want to have great social communication. Millions of people download and use this great app on their devices. You can also get Line Apk free of charge.

line apk

What is Line Apk?

This is a unique instant messaging app that provides all kinds of communication methods. You can have a text message conversation with other people. Or else you can call others with voice calls or video calls. The fun thing about text conversations is you can send amazing stickers to others. Line Apk is famous for its own brilliant stickers packs.

There are some other competitive apps like WhatsApp and Viber. But this app is different from them because of the great features of it. Some countries have blocked those apps and Line Apk is allowed in every country in the world. So there is no restriction on this.

How to Use

Installing Line Apk is a simple task for anyone. When you after the installation open the app from the Apps menu. The method of registering for this app is via a phone number. So when you register please make sure the number is correct.  Then OTP will come to the number that you have used. After that, copy it and paste it on the app to confirm your registration. Then the app will require some permissions like accessing your contacts, gallery, location, etc. So to have a better experience with the app you have to give those permissions. If the contacts on your device have Line Apk on their device, they will display on the app. So to the others who do not have this app, you can send a request to install it.

You can use Line Apk as the other instant messaging apps. All the contacts will display on the main screen and you can select them to have a conversation easily.

line apk features


  • Ability to share images and text messages and also your location
  • Line Apk Introduced the world’s largest sticker market on the internet. There are lots of amazing and cooler stickers that can easily download. You can use them in conversations easily.
  • Available for all sorts of platforms. You can install this app on any smart device that you are using. The best thing is you can use on Windows and Mac without any problem. All the data from your mobile phone can easily sync to the PC without any difficulty.
  • There is a space on Line apk that you can use to store your messages, pictures, videos, etc before you send them to the others.
  • You can create friend groups on the app and the limit is 200 people. There is no other app that has this feature.

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