Tuner Radio APK -Endless Music Tool Latest Version For Android

Tuner Radio APK -Endless Music Tool Latest Version For Android

Tuner Radio APK is an app that can be downloaded for free on Android and this app provides endless music and a variety of different radio stations.

It also has a sleep timer that will automatically turn off the app after the time has been set.

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The Tuner Radio APK also comes preloaded with a selection of over 1 million songs.

Distinct Traits Of Tuner Radio APK

In addition to being an audio player, Tuner Radio APK has a live radio feature as well, the app is also compatible with Chromecast and acts as one of the best apps for Android TV.

This is a free and open-source audio player for Android with a robust music library, it can play local music files and online streams, download songs from internet radio stations, manage your playlists and edit tags of your songs.

This is designed for Android phones with small screens in mind but you can still use it if your device is larger.

This app gives you access to over a million songs from various genres in your area and there are plenty of stations available for you to enjoy your favorite music on-the-go.

Max folders inside music library of Tuner Radio APK is 100 by default, the max number of folders that can be created in a folder is 9999 by default as well as the highest folder level in a music library of 9999.

Update notifications for new songs that you have added to your playlists and albums in the last 3 days will automatically.

Besides, free music player available on Android devices allows users to play music from a variety of sources including their own personal library and Spotify.

It also provides users with access to a large variety of songs from different genres.

Tuner Radio APK also features a station finder and an equalizer to enhance sound quality and features a beautifully designed interface, with plenty of customization options to suit any preferences and there’s a new update for this that has been released and it offers some much needed improvements.


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