Du Recorder APK – High Quality Full HD Screen Recorder App

Du Recorder APK – High Quality Full HD Screen Recorder App

Du Recorder is a screen recording app for Android that lets you record your screen and share it with others.

Du Recorder

The app is small, simple to use, and allows you to add voice-over or annotations. while recording.

Du Recorder is a simple, easy-to-use screen recording app for Android. The app can capture the entire screen with audio.

Du Recorder Android App for Screen Recording

Users are able to select the region of the screen they want to record by dragging a box around it and then pressing the start button.

The user can also add to their video clips, like an audio note or a drawing for example.

With smart cropping, the Du Recorder app saves space for the user’s video and keeps the audio in its original state.

The app is extremely easy to use. All you need to do is press a button on their screen and record their screen with sound from there.

The user can also select what section of their screen they want to record.

Du Recorder is a screen recording app for Android. It can record your entire screen or just a specific part of it.

You can choose from a variety of resolutions and frame rates, as well as add annotations and time stamps.

This recorder lets you choose between different audio sources, including system audio, microphone, and your device’s speaker.

You can also use it to record a specific app.

Du Recorder Android app that makes it easy to record your phone screen.

It allows you to record any activity on your phone and share it with friends, and family, or even post it online.


This screen recording app allows you to record Android phone screens as well as voice.

Du Recorder has many features such as drawing on the screen, choosing a white or black background, and adding captions.

The recording can be downloaded in MP4 or GIF format.


  • Record the Android phone screen and voice
  • Draw on the screen with one finger of your choice
  • Choose a white or black background for your recording
  • Add captions to your recording


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