Mx player MOD Android apk for 2023 free download

Mx player MOD Android apk for 2023 free download

MX player is a well-known media player for android devices. Plus the MX player is capable of using on the iOS devices too.  The audio libraries can be played through the player app. Not only playing the audio tracks the MX player is capable of reproducing all videos on the best qualities like ultra HD quality and 4K quality. Plus the player app will support all subtitle formats. 

mx player

The latest version of the media player app work with the Windows pc, iOS devices, and smartphones. That latest version is 1.24.6. That is only about a 25 MB sized app. 

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Features of the MX player 

Mx player Hardware Acceleration 

   This hardware Acceleration feature can be applicable to the for the more new videos. But those items have to be used with the HW decoder 

Multicore decoding 

 This is the initial media player that supports for the multi-core decoding feature. The performance of such multi-core decoding is grater than the single-core devices. 

Zoom and pan in MX player

  The Zooming, pinching and the swiping can be performed by easily 

Gestures of subtitles 

  The scrolling, moving, and changing the texts can be performed with this player app. 

File sharing 

  The users can send any file item by this player app. You could send any music, files, and videos by this player. Your mobile data won’t be spent. The users are able to share their favorites with their friends too. Simply you could upload the videos to the Google photos, then share the link with the friends. Also by using social media the videos can share. 

Kids lock-in MX player

   The app can be used by the children too. Then after assigning the kids to lock, the children can’t make phone calls and can’t access other apps. 

Support for various subtitle formats 

   There are various subtitle formats that are supported while using the app. The other subtitle formats like the DVD, Teletext, DVB, and vobsub. 

Permissions access of MX player

   The user has to allow some more permissions to use the above player app media player application 

The best media player for the phones 

  There is no other media player that can compare with the player. This is a popular app for running both audio and video content. The video and audio items don’t matter. Those can be the items that are recorded using your phone or downloaded by the web. 

MX player free app

  The app can use for free. That means the users don’t need to pay. Use player app free forever. But there is some ads in this app.

Ad-supported app 

  This player is supportive of the advertisements. Because it is a freely used app. Those ads won’t be disturbed for the usage. Because the ads are placed by the developers. 


  The MX player is safe to use. Because there is no harmful software or any other things contained in the app. Also, it is suitable to use by the kids. 

Legal permission 

  The MX player is permitted to use it. Therefore there cannot be any restriction against the player. 


 Due to the exclusive features of the MX player over 5 million people have joined with the app. The given facts are all the features of the MX player. Aside from them also there are some disadvantages.

Disadvantages of the MX player app

  • The advertisements can’t be skipped but it is only 5 seconds long.
  • Need to allow for more permissions for the app 

What’s new with the latest version 

  • The private folder feature has introduced 
  • Upgrades of the app 
  • You can save anything on SD card 
  • Support for subtitles 

  By the way as the stated details this player app is very useful. If you are more satisfied with the described facts and if you think the player app will be useful for you, then start to use it today onwards. That will be beneficial certainly to perform any task and use your time efficiently.


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