Newpipe MOD Android apk for 2020 free download

Newpipe MOD Android apk for 2020 free download

The newpipe app can be known as an alternative to YouTube. The newpipe is specifically made for android users. There is an issue with the working of YouTube on your device. Because YouTube doesn’t work on the smartphone and the tablets smoothly. So the newpipe is a solution for that. The newpipe is making the app run on the devices so smoother. But note that this is for the android devices only.


The users are not able to sign in with an account. So that the viewing history of the users is not saved in the device. Newpipe is an app that lacks advertisements. Therefore the users can experience the app without any disturbances. 

Download link to the Newpipe android apk


Features of the Newpipe android app 

As a client 

   It is better to call the newpipe application as a client. Because it is similar to being known as a client to watch any video online. Aside from that, any video can be downloaded directly from YouTube by using the newpipe. 

Design of the newpipe app 

  The app has an excellent and advanced design. The design of the app is decent. 

Search engine 

  The app is along with the built-in search engine. So that search engines can be used to find any content that the users want. Apart from that the users are able to watch any video content trending currently. 

Plenty of tones 

   The newpipe is along with the red and grey tones. There are other more features included here. 

Different qualities of videos 

   As stated, the users are able to download videos by utilizing the newpipe. So the users can select any quality for the downloading content. 


 After downloading the contents, add them for the Playlist of yours. By that procedure, you are able to create an amazing Playlist by addition of all favorites

Playing videos in the background 

   Users are able to play the video on the whole screen of the device. But if you are in another activity you are able to play it in the background. 

Play video by the pop-up window 

  By using a pop-up window any user can watch videos. 

Finding all the details 

 The users are able to find any detail about a video by utilizing the newpipe app. Such details can be the genre, popularity, and the added date. 

Different themes 

  As the preference of the users, they have all the permission to change the theme according to the newpipe. 

Download audio files 

  So, not only the video files, the audio files can be downloaded by here. The users are able to directly download any audio files from the sound cloud.

Newpipe app is very user friendly 

  All the steps for the navigation of the app are easy. Even a small child can understand the procedure of making use of it. 

Newpipe free app

   The newpipe is free to use. The users don’t want to pay any amount. 


   There is no harmful content included in the app. Therefore it is safe for usage. 

Newpipe app contains ads 

  This is a free app for use. Therefore a few ads contained here. 

Requirements for use 

  The newpipe is only compatible with android devices. Also it needs a device along with the android version 4.0.3. To install this app the users have to enable the ” unknown sources”. 

Legal permission 

 The newpipe is permitted to use by the law. Therefore there is no restriction against the usage of the app. 

Advantages of Newpipe android app

  • The app is starting quickly to work and then after it runs on the device very smoothly 
  • No, any pop-up advertisements 
  • The newpipe can be used with the android devices 

Disadvantages of the Newpipe app

  • No recommendations 
  • No browsing history saved 

   The stated facts described all the significant features of the newpipe application. It is a necessary app that each one of the android devices has to be included. Plus the users have to take the proper advantage of the newpipe. 


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